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Bo's art revolves around three inseparable principles:

The quest for his inner truth

The aesthetic
pursuit through puzzles to which only he has the key - mosaics exploding in masses of colors, transcending the subjects, their figurative definitions and their chromatic chronology;

The search for a more important place in society for poetic emotion and spontaneous drive through contemporary creation.

He takes off from his personal chaos to improvise an anecdotal world balanced in the universe, defying all basic logic.

Bo Breguet
tries to show that everything and everyone is in constant conflict yet compelled, for the common good, to live in harmony.

Naïve but not innocent
, his style is his alone, the fruit of long work on the assemblage of found objects converted into narrative amalgams.

It is the style of a highly prolific, self-taught artist, impassioned by art, spirituality and friendship.

Photo Bo - Tampa, Florida, July 1987