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To not mention Sharon Woods would be unfair and leave this website incomplete. (12 years ago, she wanted this site and worked hard on it in collaboration with Marc Sommer). We must not forget her. The beautiful and inspiring American wife of Bo, Sharon disappeared before BO, at the end of a long and painful illness, which she endured with unbelievable courage and discretion.

Without Sharon, Bo would never have launched his career as an artist with such determination. Living together in Florida from 1983 to 1990, Bo’s “constructions” there met with considerable success. The happiness Bo experienced with Sharon provided both his inspiration and the healing of the troubles from his childhood and adolescence. However, as Bo proclaimed: “Watch out you’re not too happy! I can paint only when I’m tormented…”.

In 1990, Sharon and Bo moved to Nice where they became a truly “Extra Ordinary” couple! Their friends will never forget Sharon’s beauty, intelligence, and generosity… Few knew she had previously worked as a model, then as a lyricist for American and French singers (Carlos and Higelin). Sharon spoke little of herself; she devoted herself almost entirely to Bo’s talent and to his work.

Bo Breguet was born October 4th, 1951 in the town of Saumur situated in the Loire Valley of France.

At a very young age, Bo left his native home to live in Paris, then Spring Hill, Florida, and finally in Nice where he remained from 1990 until 2009, the year of his demise.

Bo is the direct descendant of a dynasty of notable inventors.

To mention just two: Abraham-Louis Breguet, an illustrious Swiss clockmaker; and, further down the line, Louis Breguet, a great industrialist and a pioneer of the early days of aviation.

The Grandson of the latter, Bo, picks up the torch of the Breguet spirit of invention and redraws the family coat-of-arms with youthful exuberance.

He places this emblem at the heart of his art. Crafted like clockwork, Bo’s art features freely conceived personages commingling to the point of eroticism. They draw one into a veritable “cosmic harmony”.


Without a doubt, Bo and Sharon are now two stars interwoven in the sky.